Universe  ???
Status Traveling Looper
Special Abilities Loot Creation

A looper of unknown origin and indeterminate real name, "Roguelike" is a fairy-like entity that bounces around the multiverse as a Traveling Looper.

Unknown OriginEdit

"Roguelike" does not know what universe he hails from originally or if, in fact, his universe of origin even still exists (though it's doubtful that he'd recognize it now in any case). It is possible that he was knocked loose from his universe of origin in The Crash. His name also tends to vary greatly across the Loops, to the point that he prefers to answer to his 'current' name.

Some deductions can be made about his home universe though. Since he is almost always a type of small fairy creature, it is very likely that he comes from a 'fantasy' style universe. His self-proclaimed job as a 'Stocker' also suggests that his universe of origin was very 'adventurer' oriented as well.


"Roguelike" calls himself a 'Stocker', which is a being responsible for "setting up things for the adventurers to find", and he is so far the only known looper that (regularly) fits this description. As such, he tends to remain out of sight of most Loopers and few will ever notice he's even there. However, after several subjective millenia, he got bored of the standard fare like mithril swords and began putting out more esoteric items such as the sapient headband of guisarmes that Pinkie Pie still carries around.

Abilities Edit

  • Loot Creation: "Roguelike"'s main ability is his power to seemingly create and distribute Loot across a world, how he does this is unknown.


MLP Loops 71.1 [1]

The Random Loot Generator.[2]

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