Lacking uniform style, information, or material, the "Welcome to the Multiverse" speech is considered to be one of the major points in a Looper's experience. It is often given by a senior Looper, or more rarely an Admin.

The speech marks a Looper's formal introduction to the Multiverse as a whole. Most often, it is given during a Looper's first Fused Loop, though the exact explanation varies with who is giving it. Typically, it changes by how much the older Looper, or speaker, feels the younger Looper can handle.

Depending on the events of the younger Looper in question, this speech might be combined with the "Welcome to the Loops" speech, which is an overview of the fact that their world is Looping.

The length and depth of the information given will vary from Looper to Looper, though when a Looper expects to have to give the speech a lot, they may begin to prepare certain things for the occasion. This can include, but is not limited to, a projector, slides, handouts, a question-and-answer session, and most importantly, snacks, as some of these explanations go for hours. In giving the speech, the older Looper will often give demonstrations of out-of-Loop abilities and items, in order to solidify their claim as still semi-sane, and also awesome; which one is more important will depend on the Looper.