Romantic relationships can be difficult in the Loops, particularly for those who do not possess a distinctive romantic partners in their baseline. This is where the concept of the 'One Loop Stand' comes in.


A 'One Loop Stand' is pretty much what it sounds like, a romantic and/or physical relationship that lasts for a single Loop iteration. Although often between a looper and a non-looper, it is not unheard of for this arrangement to be between Awake loopers.

The concept is rather simple: The looper(s) go into the relationship with no expectations whatsoever of it lasting beyond the current iteration, seeking only to satisfy their need for romantic companionship (and/or related baser desires depending on the looper and the circumstances) for the duration of the current Loop. Many 'unattached' loopers, in fact, consider the practice to be integral to their continued mental health.

There have, however, been some awkward situations that have arisen when a non-looper is triggered to looping status by the Loop in question, as was the case with a gender-flipped Vee (and with the influence of The Crash, Vee's gender when Awake has been permanently flipped).

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