39 Clues
39 Clues logo
In Universe Attributes
Anchor Dan Cahill
Admin Bathala
Special Attributes Hub-Like
Real World Information
Primary Author RowanEx
Primary Compiler
The 39 Clues Loops were made and being maintained by Rowan Ex (FF.Net: RowanEx)

Loopers Edit

The Loops are Anchored by 11-year old Madrigal named Dan Cahill.

The known Loopers as of Set 3 are:

  • Amy Hope Cahill (Amy Cahill)
  • Alistair Oh
  • Irina Nikolaievna Spaskaya (Irina Spasky)
  • Nellie Gomez
  • Jonah Wizard
  • Ian Kabra

Baseline Edit

The 39 Loops currently follow the Clue Hunt series and stops right before the second series, the Cahills Vs Vespers. It is planned to expand the baseline until the latest series.

Important Events Edit

  • Loop 2.1 - First official Fused Loop recorded by Dan.
  • Loop 3.10 - Dan Cahill introduced the Loop Count Module; Dan's way to count the Loops.

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