Universe Samurai Jack
Status Looper
Special Abilities Shapeshifting

Laser Vision Immortality HAM

There are loopers who are still evil, yet not MLE's. One of the most famous, and most likely the most powerful, is Aku. 


While a shapeshiter, Aku is generally seen in a mostly black form with red 'flaming eyebrows' and a beard, with green lips and sharp teeth. 


The exact point Aku began looping is unknown, though he one of the exceptions to the rule about villains having to be redeemed before they could start looping. However, he is not a MLE due to the fact he does not cause deliberate harm to the loops. 


Baseline powers: Aku has a miriad of baseline abilities, including laser vision, shapeshifting, fire breath and regenerative powers. This makes him a very dangerous opponent for anyone to face, even when he is not looping.

Subspace Pocket: Aku, like all loopers, has a subspace pocket. He is known to keep several of "rougelikes" random loot in them, among them scrolls that cause nightmares and bows of undeath. 


Jack: His world's anchor and Aku's mortal nemesis, the loops have not dulled their rivarly. Jack, however, has been known to take vacation loops when Aku is not up to fighting. 

Pinkie Pie: The Equestrian looper once ate his evil pie, an act which sent him to tears. Thus it can be easily suggested that Aku does not like Pinkie Pie that much

Darth Vader: Aku hounds Vader over unpaid subscriptions and has killed him at least once, and later created a torment loop for him via cursing the Jedi Council to speak jibberish for an entire loop. 

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