Alan Grant
Alan Grant
Universe Jurassic Park
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Expert Paleontologist

Survivor Skills

Alan Grant is the Anchor of the Jurassic Park Loops and a paleontologist who mostly works in carnivores. Ironically, the very same creatures that try to, and sometimes do, eat him. 


Alan Grant is a fit, rough looking man. He generally is seen wearing a straw hat and dresses casually (all the better to run from Raptors and Rexes in).


A recent Anchor, Alan's first loop was a mess. Confused at what was going on, he was eaten by the T.Rex during the initial breakout, prematurely ending the loop. 

The loop after, his admin Artemis appeared, berated him for dying early and explained the Loops to him. She then suggested he spend the loops trying to make Jurassic Park work, which he does out of the fact he doesn't have much else to do. 

Later, he was the first Looper to feel the wrath of the Sith Raptor that Bariss Offee unintentionally unleashed on the multiverse. After this, Alan found himself on an unknown plane with his once again irritated Admin after over 100 loops since he first met her, where he was recruited to aid in setting up the Prehistoric Park loops from their Read Only status to a proper Loop. 

Eventually, Alan discovered Artemis had activated the same T-rex that once ate him as a Looper. He and the newly-dubbed "Roxy" were initially at odds with one another (more because of Alan's own history than any deliberate actions of Roxy), but eventually patched things up. Since then, Alan has met additional Loopers from his universe, and developed mostly cordial relationships with they and the other Looping residents of the multiverse.


Due to having only looped into his baseline for the longest time, Alan spent several eons without gaining non-baseline abilities, save for the Subspace Pocket. Following the Jurassic World expansion, he began Looping into other worlds and acquiring abilities from them.


  • Artemis: Alan and his Admin often butt heads. Artemis, while generally respectful to her charge, gets on his case whenever he dies of unnatural causes. Alan, meanwhile, snarks at her with statements that put him at risk for 'looping as the goat in the T. Rex pen'. 
  • Sith Raptor/ Velocius: Alan was the Raptor's first looper victim. Thus, Alan really doesn't like him. 
  • Roxanne "Roxy" Hammond: Alan initially had a very poor relationship with the Looping T-rex due to viewing her as a ravenous man-eater, but they patched things up after a Digimon Fused Loop when Roxanne looped in as his Digimon partner. 

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