Alice Liddell
Universe Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Subspace Pocket

Alice Liddell is the Anchor for the Yggdrasil branch that holds Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland. One of the odder universes in Yggdrasil.


Alice is a girl about nineteen years of age. She has blond hair and blue eyes and often wears a blue and white dress.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland began when she found her way down the rabbit hole. Sometimes Wonderland is an entirely different plane of existence and sometimes it's only a dream. Alice usually begins her Loop by locking the door to Wonderland, or at least parts of it. Wonderland itself may be an exposed portion of Yggdrasil code, and the deeper parts have driven some Admins (temporarily) insane. What Alice does with most of her Loops is unknown.


Subspace Pocket: Alice has access to a Subspace Pocket that she can use to take objects between Loops.


Wonderland Inhabitants: It's unknown if anyone from Wonderland itself is Looping, or how Alice interacts with them now that she's in the Loops.

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