Amy Hope Cahill
Amy cliqueme
Universe 39 Clues
Status Looper
Special Abilities Researching Skills
Amy Cahill (Amy Hope Cahill) is the sister of Dan Cahill and a Looper of the 39 Clues.

Description Edit

Amy Cahill is Dan's older sister and one of the respected Loopers among the Cahill Loopers.

History Edit

Amy, along with Dan, is one of the leading teams in the Clue Hunt in baseline.

Abilities Edit

General Knowledge – Amy, in baseline, knows a lot which helped her and Dan in most of the obstacles in the Clue Hunt among the other help they receive.

Subspace Pocket – After a Fused Loop with Portal, he acquired the basic abilities most Loopers have.

Ping – The second ability he acquired along with the Subspace Pocket.

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