Angel Bunny
Angel Bunny
Universe My Little Pony
Status Looper
Special Abilities Carrot-based attacks

Dark Side of the Force

Fluttershy's pet rabbit and often regarded as the 'evil' one of the MLP loopers.


A white rabbit, Angel Bunny is one of the few non-Pony Loopers from Equestria.


Angel Bunny usually spends his loops in the background, helping out/acting as an enforcer for Fluttershy. In one loop when he looped in as a dragon and gained the power of speech, he crashed that loop with sheer profanity. In another, an Unawake Nightmare Moon banished him to the moon, to the horror of Fluttershy and the delight of everyone else.


  • Subspace Pocket: Standard Looper ability that lets him store objects within his soul and carry them from Loop to Loop. He stores a lot of reinforced carrots in there.
  • Fencing: Angel is a skilled swordsman. He prefers to duel with reinforced carrots, which he makes himself. He can also apparently wield a lightsaber, after a loop as a Sith.
  • The Force: Angel once looped as a Sith Lord, and gained the ability to use the Dark Side of the Force.
  • Profanity: Angel knows an impressive amount of swear words, which are enough to crash a loop when he uses them all at once.
  • Kamen Rider transformation: During a Fused Loop with Kamen Rider Gaim, Angel became Armored Rider Black Baron, albeit using vegetable-themed Lockseeds instead of the Loop's usual fruit-based Lockseeds. His default armor is Carrot Arms, equipping him with a carrot-themed sword, but he also possesses Parsnip Arms.


  • Fluttershy: Angel's owner. While he sometimes treats her poorly, deep down, the rabbit genuinely cares for her, though he prefers to hide this from the world at large.
  • Everyone Else: Angel holds a generally poor opinion of anyone who isn't Fluttershy. When given speech and thus an opportunity to express his true feelings about them, the resulting stream of profanity crashed the loop they were in.

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