Ascension is the transformation of a mortal into an upper-dimensional immortal, also referred to as a god or Administrator.

Over time, all Loopers eventually reach a point where they could Ascend if they wanted to. However, if an Anchor were to Ascend, as Madoka Kaname did, it would also cause the total destruction of their home Loop. For non-Anchors, Ascending would cause considerable damage to whatever Loop they were in at the time. As such, the majority of Loopers (excluding certain MLEs) who are aware of this, including the Original Seven, take steps to actively avoid Ascending.

Ascension (Equestria)Edit

Admin-tier Ascension is not to be confused with another phenomena of the same name: the transformation of a mortal Pony into an Alicorn or Draconequus, or a Griffon into a Higher Griffon. This ability is unique to the residents (and one visitor) of Equestria.

Alicorn-tier ascensions are initially unlocked through a character performing a seemingly impossible feat related to their special talent while in close proximity to a sufficiently powerful magical artifact. (It helps that said artifact will usually boost the character's abilities to make the feat a little less impossible.) Such artifacts include an Element of Harmony, a piece of Cosmic Spectrum stone (the material that the Crystal Heart is made of), an Intelligent Device, or other magically-powerful items, such as a Philosopher's Stone.

Upon achieving such a feat, the character is temporarily transferred to the local astral plane, where they undergo a metamorphosis into their Alicorn form (or in one case, into a Draconequus, and in another, a Higher Gryphon), and then returns to their native plane of existence in their new shape. Once the transformation has been unlocked, they can freely use Starswirl the Bearded's last spell (the one that caused Twilight's ascension in baseline) in conjunction with their personal artifact to assume their ascended form, or the form of any other of the main pony sub-species, in future Loops.

Despite becoming immortal as a result of their transformation, Equestrian Alicorns are still fourth-dimensional beings, and therefore such a change does not have any negative effects on Yggdrasil.

Some other universes are also known to have their own forms of ascension, in which a local becomes a godlike being while still remaining fourth-dimensional and thus not crossing into the level of the Admins. Kazuraba Kouta, also known as Kamen Rider Gaim, is one such being.

Of the 31 Equestrian Loopers, twenty-two have achieved ascension, while four others (Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Nyx Sparkle and Discord) were born or otherwise first came into being as Alicorns or Draconequii.

Table of Alicorn-tier ascendedEdit

Name Baseline birth species Ascension artifact Ascension feat Ascension Loop Notes
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza / Cadance Pegasus Pony Cosmic Spectrum Reversed a love-stealing spell, causing its caster Prismia, a cruel and jealous sorceress, to become good. Pre-Loops Cadance's ascension is depicted in the book Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell.
Twilight Sparkle Unicorn Pony Elements of Harmony Completed Starswirl the Bearded's final spell. Pre-Loops Once tried ascending while Replacing her pet owl, Owlowiscious‎. It turned her into an owlbear.
Rainbow Dash Pegasus Pony Element of Loyalty Flew at a speed of about Mach Seventy (or seventy times the speed of sound, which is about 768 miles per hour). 003.1
Fluttershy Pegasus Pony Element of Kindness Negotiated peace between Equestria and the Changeling race with her kindness. 004.5
Applejack Earth Pony Element of Honesty Terraformed the entire planet of Tatooine in a Star Wars Fused Loop, changing it from a desert world into a verdant paradise in just a few years. 004.9
Rarity Belle Unicorn Pony Element of Generosity Designed and made over fifty elegant and awe inspiring dresses, each from a different unique material (silk, cotton, wool, diamond chain mail, fire, water, solid magic, moonlight...) in under a week. 006.2
Pinkie Pie Earth Pony Element of Laughter As Slaanesh in a Warhammer 40,000 Fused Loop, redeemed the entire Eldar civilization with a years-long party. 006.3
Shining Armor Unicorn Pony Cosmic Spectrum Created a love-fueled anti-Changeling shield during his wedding to Cadance. 007.1 Shining Armor's ascension is essentially a recreation of events from baseline, except Cadance snuck a Cosmic Spectrum pendant into his shirt beforehand to allow him to ascend.
Trixie Lulamoon Unicorn Pony Element of Magic Single-hoofedly defeated Nightmare Moon in combat, using her flair for misdirection, razzle-dazzle, illusions, and cheap shots, backed by her Intelligent Device. 015.7
Apple Bloom Earth Pony Intelligent Device (Smart Cookie) Safely reverse-engineered a Jain Node from the Polity universe. 042.2
Sweetie Belle Unicorn Pony Intelligent Device (Clover the Clever) Took part in the Ainulindale and redeemed Melkor during the Great Song that created Middle-Earth at the beginning of a Lord of the Rings Loop. 042.8 (status revealed); 043.1 (ascension depicted via flashback)
Scootaloo Pegasus Pony Intelligent Device (Private Pansy) Used a pegasus' innate talent to manipulate clouds, and her own kinesthesia, to soft-land the entire city of Cloudsdale when a non-Awake Discord made good on his threat to make it crash. 042.8 (status revealed); 043.2 (ascension depicted via flashback)
Diamond Tiara Earth Pony Cosmic Spectrum Channeled her psychic abilities (gained from a Babylon 5 Loop) through a replica of the Crystal Heart she'd created, shielding the minds of the other ponies around her from Sombra's curse, restoring the memories of the Crystal Ponies and allowing them to reject him, expelling him from the Crystal Empire for good. 042.8 (status revealed); 043.3 (ascension depicted via flashback)
Mayor Mare / Ivory Scroll Earth Pony Cosmic Spectrum Applied her masterful grasp of bureaucracy-fu to confound an attempt to destroy Equestria by the Vogons (villains from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy universe). 055.13
Berry Punch Earth Pony Cosmic Spectrum Developed an alcoholic beverage that got Discord drunk. 054.2 (status revealed); 58.1 (ascension depicted)
Zecora Zebra Pony Philosopher's Stone Used her alchemic skills to create a transmutation circle and activated it, with Silver Spoon's self-made Philosopher's Stone as the power source, to attempt Pony Transmutation. 082.1 (alongside Silver Spoon) After her initial ascension, used a Cosmic Spectrum pendant as her re-ascension catalyst. Presumably switched to her Element after earning it some time later.
Silver Spoon Earth Pony Philosopher's Stone Used her self-made Philosopher's Stone (based on the version from the Fullmetal Alchemist universe and crafted from her own lifeforce) in Zecora's transmutation circle to attempt Pony Transmutation in order to change her own shape. 082.1 (alongside Zecora) Her species marker was knocked off during The Crash, when she was activated as a Looper, so her species varies a lot more than usual from Loop to Loop; consequently, her ascension made her a Draconequus instead of an Alicorn. Also, in the course of ascending, she absorbed her Philosopher's Stone, which became her permanent re-ascension catalyst.
Derpy Hooves Pegasus Pony N/A Tapped into all of her various special talents from previous Loops at once. 084.6 As later noted, her ascension took place when she tapped into a power from a previous Loop, in which anypony could turn into an Alicorn if they wanted. So technically, "She's not ascended. She just sometimes appears on the top floor."
Leman Russ / Lemon Rush Human Element of Magic Utterly destroyed the Smooze (G1 version) with a single punch. 138 and a half (AKA "The Misadventures of Lemon Rush: Companionship is Magic!") Leman is the only Visiting Looper to ever achieve Alicorn-tier ascension.
Vinyl Scratch Unicorn Pony Element of Honesty Remixed the heartbeat/melody of the universe itself to create music for a party. 164.22
Lyra Heartstrings Unicorn Pony Elements of Musical Harmony Performed a Heartsong that harmonized and fused all five of her personalities into one, successfully bonding her with an entire set of alternate Elements. 165.05 (continued in 166.01) Due to the nature of her ascension, all five personalities must be in harmony in order to access her Alicorn form.
Gilda Griffin Element of Honesty Overcame mind magics through being brutally honest about herself and pushed her ink magic and Pokémon skills over the limit to defeat the sorcerer Grogar. 186.15 Transforms into a Higher Griffon, her kind's equivalent to an Alicorn. Previously changed into a Griffin/Alicorn hybrid in one Loop thanks to Twilight Sparkle, but that transformation was artificially induced and not a product of her inherent magic, unlike this one.
Sunset Shimmer Unicorn Pony Element of Magic Single-hoofedly kept Equestria from falling apart during a Dwarf Fortress fused Loop, including raising the sun by herself. 188.1 An early draft of Sunset's ascension also involved her raising the sun, but during a battle with an MLE. This was ultimately rejected, but jokingly referenced during Sunset's Sisters Loop.

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