Ash Ketchum
Universe Pokémon Anime
Status Looper
Special Abilities Pokéspeak

Aura Powers

Ash Ketchum is a Looper from the Pokémon Anime branch of Yggdrasil and the first to begin Looping after the universes Anchor, Pikachu.


Ash usually wears a jacket of varying shades of blue, and always wears red and white hat with a green part triangle just above the brim. He has dark black hair and brown eyes. He appears to be in his early to mid teens.


Ash was the second to begin Looping in the Pokémon Anime reality. Since he began Looping Ash has continued his adventures, helping where he can and re-recruiting his Pokémon team almost every Loop. He has also spent a few Loops actually becoming a Pokémon master.


Pokéspeak: Ash, like most human Looper in the Pokémon Loops, can understand and speak the Pokémon language.

Aura Powers: Ash spent a few Loops training his potential in controlling aura, this ability allows him to recognize beings by their aura, and fire blasts of aura as attacks.

Subspace Pocket: Like most Looper Ash has access to a Subspace Pocket that he can use to take items between Loops. It should be noted that Pokémon cannot be stored in a Pocket, even when in a Pokéball.


Pikachu: The Anchor for the Pokémon Anime was Ash's first Pokémon and they were great friends in Baseline, their relationship has only gotten stronger since they began Looping. becoming closer to a brotherly relationship.

Charizard: Ash's second Pokémon to begin Looping, Ash and Charizard have become closer in the Loops mainly because Ash now understands why the Fire-type had the habit of burning him in Baseline.

Traveling Companions and his Pokemon: Looping or not, Ash is shown to be just as friendly to his companions as he was in his bsaeline. 

N: Ash is friendly to N, though he finds his questions to be uncomfortable at times. 

Gyro Zepelli: Ash is one of the loopers mentioned who is after Gyro for sleeping with their non looping mother.

Original Seven: Ash is shown to be respectful of the Original 7.

Other loopers: Ash has shown annoyance at loopers, such as Edward Elric and Eren Yaeger,  who see the PokeLoops as something akin to Dog Fights, though once they got over this Ash is quite friendly to them. 

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