Bass Wily (Megaverse)
Universe Mega Man Classic
Status Nonlooper (so far)
Special Abilities Bass Buster

Variable Weapon System

Copy Chip

Armor Recall

Treble Adaptors

Superior weapons systems and combat programming

'Bassnium' Power Core

Various systems and upgrades

Bass Wily (SWN-001) is the only creation of Dr. Wily (prior to Zero) that can genuinely claim to be his son. Accompanied by Treble, he does not always follow his father's commands and at times will even fight against him (usually to prove his strength). He is the self-declared rival of Mega Man.

Attempts to Start LoopingEdit

Yggdrasil has tried multiple times to activate Bass as a looper, with no indication as to what is preventing it from happening. One of these attempts accidentally activated a Joe instead of Bass.


Superior Construction: Called the 'Bass Effect' by some, Bass Wily is canonically stronger, faster, tougher, more powerful, and possessed of superior combat routines than his rival Mega Man (or whoever he, or his replacement for the Loop, ends up being constructed to fight). This is counter-balanced by less raw experience and an overconfident ego that matches his father's.

'Bassnium' Power Core: A mysterious element that gives Bass a perpetual power source. What exactly it is remains unknown.

Darkness Tolerance: Bass's highly 'base' nature allows him to greatly resist, and often no-sell, corrupting influences. Heck, those who know him well might even say he mellows a bit when any difference is actually noticed.

Master Weapons: Bass has a Copy Chip and often access to a large array of Master Weapons like his rival Mega Man.

Treble: Bass's faithful robo-dog can fulfill a variety of functions, from jet board to attack unit. But his most powerful is the superadaptor mode, combining with Bass himself to greatly increase the combat robot's abilities and power, along with granting sustained flight.


  • Rock Light/Mega Man: Bass's self-declared rival and the robot he was built to defeat. Bass is actually the superior model to the classic Mega Man, but his arrogance, lack of a cause, and lesser combat experience generally give Rock just enough of an edge to come out on top.
  • Roll Light/Mega Woman: Due to looping Roll's 'badass' ability, Bass often ends up with a crush on her. Sometimes it's even tentatively reciprocated.
  • Dr. Albert W. Wily: Bass's creator and father figure. The two do seem to care about each other. Sometimes. Sort of.
  • Treble: Bass's faithful robo-dog. Hurt him at your own peril.


Mega Loops Compilation[1]

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