Berry Punch
Berry Punch
Universe My Little Pony
Status Looper
Special Abilities Alcohol creation


Berry Punch is an Equestrian Looper.


Berry Punch is usually a plum-colored Earth Pony with a fuchsia mane. Her cutie mark is a bunch of grapes next to a strawberry.


Berry Punch, despite not having a close relationship to Anchor Twilight Sparkle, is one of the earlier Equestrian loopers. She has spent the loops attempting to perfect the art of creating alcohol, and ascended to alicornhood after managing to intoxicate Discord. She later began a romantic relationship with him after a loop in which she reformed his Unawake self.

When awake, Berry aids Big Macintosh at his bar, and is usually the one to create various specialty drinks for their non-equine visitors.


  • Master brewer: Berry can brew just about any alcoholic beverage. She can even turn water into an intoxicating beverage.
  • Subspace Pocket: Standard Looper ability, allowing the user to store objects within their soul and carry them from Loop to Loop.
  • Alicorn transformation: Berry ascended to Alicornhood by brewing something in a Cosmic Spectrum glass that was able to get Discord drunk.
  • Element of Laughter: Earned in an unseen and rather dark Loop.


  • Ruby Pinch: Berry Punch's beloved, and sadly non-Looping, daughter.
  • Discord: The embodiment of chaos was reformed by Berry during one Loop, becoming her romantic partner. He Awoke about a minute before it ended, just long enough to assimilate the memories, and asked that they continue the relationship, which she agreed to.
  • Cheerilee: Berry and Cheerilee are sometimes sisters, sometimes not. Either way, they've become good friends.
  • Big McIntosh: When Awake, Mac runs a bar for Loopers out of his family's basement, where Berry works on a regular basis.

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