Dragon Realms
Dragon Realms
In Universe Attributes
Anchor Spyro (Classic)

Spyro (Legends)

Admin Ihy
Special Attributes Two instance of the same Anchor.
Real World Information
Primary Author TokoWH
The Dragon Realms are the primary locations of both the Legends and Classic Spyro Loops, although there are a number of differences between the two of them.

It should also be worth noting that the Dragon Realms as a whole are a bit more stable than most Verses that came online at the same time.

Classic Dragon RealmsEdit

A bright and colorful world with technology on par with many of the other universes out there, these Dragon Realms are a relatively peaceful place, with most of the threats they face being caused by people who get stopped before they have the chance to cause any lasting damage. It should be noted that the dragons of these realms are built to work more like people, leaving them able to use utensils rather esaily.

Legends Dragon RealmsEdit

In a sharp contrast to the prior, these Dragon Realms have very little to speak of in way of technology, and are plagued by a threat that has been working in the shadows for as long as anybody can remember. It should be noted that the dragons of these realms are not nearly as versatile as the ones of the Classic Realms, most likely contributing to their lack of technology.

This Realm also tends to have a smaller number of variants appear.

Notable VariantsEdit

Like all other loops, the Dragon Realms have a number of variants worth speaking of.

Waterian LoopEdit

This particular variant is one that Ihy created to be used to introduce both the Legends and Classic Loopers to one another. In this particular Loop, Legends Spyro and Classic Spyro are siblings, as well as Ember and Cynder.  While this was initially created as nothing more than a way for the two groups to meet, it is likely that Yggdrasil will decide to use it again in the future.

King of Terror LoopEdit

The most frequent variant to the point that for the unsuspecting it might be mistaken for Baseline (as well as what Spyro alters his Baseline Loops to) here the Ape King is made head of Malefor's armies before Malefor is resurrected instead of Cynder.

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