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Equestria is the land of talking magical ponies, and perhaps one of the most well-known loops in the history of the multiverse.

Notable VariantsEdit

Due to being as well known of a loop as it is, there are quite a few well-known variants that exist within the Equestrian universe, among which are the following.

Sisters LoopEdit

A loop where two ascended alicorns replace both Celestia and Luna, followed by ruling Equestria for over a thousand straight years. For some reason, the universe likes to see an alicorn be trapped in the moon for a thousand years on the dot, and may possibly go to some absurd lengths to make this happen.

Conversion BureauEdit

A loop where Equestria appears on another planet, lead by a xenophobic Celestia whose goal is to turn every last one of the native creatures into ponies, as well as get rid of any sign of technology. It is generally considered to be good manners not to talk about the bureau, unless there is an incredibly good reason to be doing such. Other, non-Equestrian Loopers have also encountered the Bureau, typically with extremely negative results, especially if this was their first encounter with the inhabitants of Equestria.

These Loops are inspired by the fanfic of the same name.


A Loop based on a darker version of Equestria, where slavery was legal and endorsed by the rulers, including Princess Celestia. The earliest known occurrence of this variant was also the first Loop in which Queen Chrysalis of the Changelings was Awake.

Relevant PagesEdit

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