Faraway Galaxy
Faraway Galaxy
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Anchor Revan (Old Republic)

Anakin Skywalker (Galactic Republic)

Luke Skywalker (Galactic Empire)

Admin Nut
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Primary Author KrspaceT/Crossoverpairinglover
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A galaxy where both force-users and droids are relatively commonplace, the faraway galaxy is Anchored by three different people at different points, all of where are incredibly different settings.


By virtue of having their own Anchors, there are indeed three sections to the faraway galaxy currently known. Like other looping verses with multiple branches, the actions of loopes in one branch can affect later loops, particularly between the Republic and the Empire sections.

The Republic and Empire sections are the original sections of the Loop: the Old Republic period only began looping on its own after The Crash. 

Old RepublicEdit

A time when the Sith Order was equally as large as its Jedi counterpart, this is parhaps the most violent of the sections on virtue of having the most biological beings fighting, whereas droids would be utilized more in the future. This is the most isolated part of the Star Wars loops, with the least interaction with other loopers.

Galactic RepublicEdit

An era where the main trouble is that the Darth Sidious is making his move against the Jedi Order and the rest of the republic, this is perhaps the easiest part of the timeline to come out on top during, due to the fact that there is but one Sith running around at certain points. The is counterbalanced by just how flawed the Jedi Order is, leading to any attempt to have them take over being just as bad as the Empire. If anything, the Senate is worse. 

Galactic EmpireEdit

Taking place after Sidious has managed to take control, this time is generally a hard one to get anything in unless you are a part of the Empire itself, although one would be in a good place if they managed to overthrow the Emperor, though the Empire would not be so easily removed.

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