Jojo's Bizarre Adventures
In Universe Attributes
Anchor Part one: Jonathan Joestar

Part two: Joseph Joestar.

Part three: Jotaro Kujo.

Part four: Josuke Higashikata.

Part five: Giorno Giovanna.

Part six: Jolyne Cujo.

Part seven: Johnny Joestar

Part eight: Josuke Higahikata/Josefumi Kujo

Admin The Moirai. Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos
Special Attributes Multiple Anchors

Linked Loops

Multiple Admins

Real World Information
Primary Author GioGio
Primary Compiler Snip Index:

Thread Address

Description Edit

Jojo's Bizarre Adventures is split into eight separate sections, each with their own anchor.  

  • Part one: Phantom Blood, is anchored by Jonathan Joestar. 
  • Part two: Battle Tendency is anchored by Joseph Joestar. 
  • Part three: Stardust Crusaders is anchored by Jotaro Kujo. 
  • Part four: Diamonds are Unbreakable is anchored by Josuke Higashikata. 
  • Part five: Vento Aureo is anchored by Giorno Giovanna. 
  • Part six: Stone Ocean is anchored by Jolyne Cujo. 
  • Part seven: Steel Ball Run is anchored by Johnny Joestar 
  • Part eight: Jojolion is anchored by Josuke Higahikata or, to prevent confusion, Josefumi Kujo. 

The Jojo Loops also have multiple admins: the Moirai, three greek goddesses of fate and destiny, share adminship over the loop, each taking care of a specifc task:

  • Clotho manages part one through part six of the Loop
  • Lachesis manages Part seven and eight
  • Atropos makes sure none of the time related stands cause paradoxes.

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