Mitakihara Town
Mitakihara Town
In Universe Attributes
Anchor Madoka Kaname (Former), Sayaka Miki (Current)
Admin Yurugu (Former), Madoka Kaname (Current)
Special Attributes Destroyed via Anchor Ascension (Former).

Now the only Branch to have been restored following an Anchor Ascension.

Real World Information

The hometown of Madoka Kaname and a few other Magical Girls, the town only recently started advancing to modern archetecture, so clasical Japanese buildings can be found without much difficulty. Due to events surrounding both Madoka and Kyubey, the Branch was destroyed, although later efforts later restored it.


Mitakihara Town was one of the more difficult universes for the Admins to get Looping, since there was already a time loop involved in its history. Eventually, they managed to make Madoka the Anchor, due to her being the only stable Anchor candidate at the time. This all worked rather well, until Kyubey started Looping as well.

After Madoka's Karmic Destiny had built up, Kyubey managed to trick his Anchor into wishing for the power to fix their Universe, something that resulted in her Ascending to Admin level. This was quickly patched. While Kyubey had avoided the majority of the resulting destruction, Yggdrasil registered his death, sending him to his next Loop. This resulted in his status as a Travelling Looper.

Meanwhile, the other Loopers had all taken considerable damage, resulting in pieces of their data ending up in different parts of Yggdrasil. Homura was the one who appeared to have the least damage since she had actually Looped into Equestria prior to Madoka recovering her data. Sayaka and Kyoko had ended up in Star Wars and Dragon Ball respectively.

Mami was a special case however. As a result of her data taking more damage than the others had, her data had been found in two different Branches. Her mental data was discovered in Wind Waker-Era Hyrule, while her physical data was found in Mass Effect.

While a major event in loop history, it would be followed by an unrelated but somewhat similar disaster in The Crash.

Recently, a group effort by Madoka, Skuld, Hephaestus, Saraswati, Hermes and Morpheus has resulted in the Branch's restoration. As a result, Madoka has become the Admin for this Branch, while Sayaka has been promoted to Anchor. While this was being prepared for, another Admin known as Anansi had looked into who had previously been the Branch's Administrator. Through his efforts, it was discovered that Yurugu had been the Branch's Admin prior to Madoka's Ascension, and was within the Branch itself as it was destroyed, trying to fix the problem from within. 

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