In Universe Attributes
Anchor Pikachu (Anime)

Red (Special)

Squirtle (Rescue Team)

Chimchar (Explorers)

Oshawott (Gates to Infinity)

Admin Pan and Yuètù
Special Attributes N/A
Real World Information
A world where beings known as Pokémon exist in harmony with humans, Pokéarth is comparable to the Megaverse branches of Yggsdrasil in that it is split into three distinct sections, with one of such branches hosting three seperate Anchors.

Section 1 (Anime)Edit

Anchored by Pikachu, the anime section of the loop follows the adventures of Ash Katchum as he attempts to become a Pokémon Master, although the boy himself is just an ordinary Looper. For some reason, the passage of time in this section of the Loop is rather wonky, with the date being determined by how far Ash has gotten into his journey as opposed to the actual passage of time.

Section 2 (Special)Edit

Following the journies of the elite Dex Holders, the Special section is Anchored by Red.

Section 3 (Mystery Dungeon)Edit

The Mystery Dungoen section is split into three sub-sections, which are as follows.

Rescue TeamEdit

Being Anchored by Squirtle, the major conflict of this section is that a curse put on one of the other humans that was turned into a Pokémon threatens to destroy the world with a meteorite, leading to the protagonists having to find some way to destroy said meteor.


Taking place over the Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky games, this section is Anchored by the Partner Chimchar, with the Main Character, Piplup, being the most frequent "normal Looper." Together the two must deal with the debacle that is causing Time itself to unravel.

Gates to InfinityEdit

Anchored by the Main Character, Oshawott, this Loop deals with his quest to defeat the "Bittercold" and make Paradise live up to its name.

Relevant PagesEdit

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