The Land of Ooo
In Universe Attributes
Anchor Finn
Admin Hercules
Special Attributes N/A
Real World Information

The Land of Ooo is the world in which the Adventure Time Loops take place, they are anchored by Finn the Human. Ooo has a very unique blend of magic and technology, as well just about everything else. Ooo was once a planet very similar, and possibly was, Earth, but in that Earth's future a nuclear war ushered in a new age of magic, leaving behind irradiated portions of the planet and highly advanced technology. As such, creatures like advanced AI's and wizards lie side by side on the planet.

Ooo also has several pocket dimensions, including the Nightosphere, which is home to various demonic creatures, and Lumpy Space, an odd area home to Lumpy Space People. The planet Mars also has a civilization in this world, headed by the King of Mars, who shares a shocking resemblance to Abraham Lincoln.


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