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The World
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An online game created so that Aura would be able to gain enough information to grow to the same level of sentience as a normal human being, The World is probably one of the three most well known MMOs in the multiverse, with every looper either native or visiting being either a player or AI while there.


Like the average MMO, The World has recieved many expansions during its time running, which each create a sort of turning point in the timeline of the loop.


The beta version of The World, which was played by just a bit more than a thousand people. There has yet to be any sign of this era having been looped into at any point, meaning that it's entirey possible to assume that it is simply too early in the timeline to matter very much.


The original release of The World, this part of the timeline is plagued by a rogue AI known as Morganna, who tries to do everything in her power to keep Aura from going online fully. With her target beign the Anchor, she very rarely succeeds at her task, although she is capable of putting up a good fight against even the loopers who are relatively adept at hacking computers.


The second version of The World, which was released after a fire destroys everything of the original. In the loops where this version actually exists, a completely natural computer virus known as AIDA goes around causing more problems than Morganna ever did, with the only ones able to so much as think about standing against them being the Epitaph Users, each of which has a fraction of Morganna's power.


A handheld version of The World released five years after R:2, the major conflict of this part of time timeline is largely avoided due to it being caused by the Anchor of the universe being corrupted by a computer virus. Since she is indeed the Anchor of the universe, there is very rarely any sort of strife in this part of the timeline at all. This part of the timeline also brought about the black disc, which is capable of physically sending somebody into The World.


Like any good MMO, there are a number of classes that grant different abilities and benefits to those who choose them.

The World R:1 ClassesEdit

Blademaster: Wield single-handed blades into combat, have the third most powerful physical attack stat, and are the strongest in the game when it comes to defense. They are fast for how much armor they normally have on, and can actually reach max on all their stats. Notably, a large number of the Crimson Knights are Blademasters.

Heavy Axemen: Wield a large axe into combat, and have the largest HP and Strength state of any class in the game. Unfortunately, this makes them slow in just about every regard, but they are still formidable with their rather high defenses.

Heavy Blade: Wielders of double-handed blades, they are able to equip the heaviest armor in the game, and the only ones with a higher physical attack growth than they are the Heavy Axemen. They unfortunately have lower defense and speed than their one-handed counterparts, but make up for it with a higher attack stat.

Long Arm: Wielding pole arms into combat, they are essentially the balanced class of the game, sacrificing the magical abilities that the Twin Blades get for an increased range with their physical attack and higher stats for the attacks in question.

Twin Blade: As one could guess, Twin Blades wield two blades into combat. They are the second of the balanced classes in the game, who are able to use both magic and swords at the same time. They are also the fastest of any class when it comes to traveling speeds, and even combat, which shows up in the form of their multi-hit skills.

Wavemaster: The magic users of The World R:1. The Wavemasters have a monopoly on all things magic, with only Twin Blades and their limited abilities being the only ones who can also claim to use the stuff. They are able to buff up their allies, cure damage done to their target, and obliterate enemies from orbit with their damaging skills.

Knuckle Master: Specializing in hand-to-hand combat, the Knuckle Masters were added to the game about four years after the downfall of Morganna, and use both gloves and knuckles as weapons.

Archer: Not much has been established about this class, other than the fact that they exist and use bows in combat.

Werewolf: An event class that allows the person with it to turn into a wolf and back.

The World R:2 ClassesEdit

Dual Blade: The only class to keep the same name during the transition from R:1 to R:2, it has remained unchanged.

Adept Rogue: A new class for R:2. Also known as the Multiweapon class. Players use a special point system during character creation to select either two or three of the other classes to learn. Adept Rogues start off with just their first class and must unlock the other class(es) through a Job Extension event. This event also alters the character's appearance. Adept Rogues cannot master each class as fully as a player specializing in only that class can, but the multiple classes make them very versatile in battle.

Blade Brandier: Formerly known as the Blademaster class, it has remained mostly unchanged.

Macabre Dancer: As the Wavemaster class was deemed to be broken, it was divided into three new magic-wielding classes. The Macabre Dancer uses twin fans to attack their opponents. They have low attacking and defensive power but learn several multi-hit skills and all status effect spells. Users of this class must plan their battles wisely.

Edge Punisher: Formerly known as the Heavy Blade class, it has remained mostly unchanged.

Flick Reaper: A new class for R:2, Flick Reapers fight with scythes. They are mid-range fighters who specialize in controlling the battlefield. They don't have the best attack or defense but it's not the worst either.

Harvest Cleric: As the Wavemaster class was deemed to be broken, it was divided into three new magic-wielding classes. The Harvest Cleric uses a staff in battle. Their attacking and defensive powers are very poor but they naturally learn all healing spells. This makes them very valuable in Arena battles, where healing items are not allowed.

Lord Partizan: Formerly known as the Long Arm class, the defensive power has increased but the class remains mostly unchanged otherwise.

Shadow Warlock: As the Wavemaster class was deemed to be broken, it was divided into three new magic-wielding classes. The Shadow Warlock fights with a floating tome of spells. Their defense is low but they naturally learn all attack spells. This makes them excellent long-range fighters.

Steam Gunner: A new class for R:2, Steam Gunners use a long rifle called the Steam Gun to shoot 'steam bullets' at their foes. The guns have bayonets for close-range fighting if needed but the Steam Gunner is best as a long-range fighter.

Tribal Grappler: A revision of the Knuckle Master class for R:2. The Tribal Grappler uses armored gauntlets to fight. They specialize in close-range combat and learn many multi-hit combos,but their defense is poor.

Dual Gunner: Not one of the registered classes, this class was unlocked by Haseo when he achieved the Xth Form. He dual-wields a pair of pistols that can 'juggle' an opponent in the air. It excels at long-range fighting and multi-hit combos.


Like a good many MMOs, there are a few race options that can be chosen in the later versions of The World, which also have their own abilities and benefits to consider when choosing one.

The World R:1 RacesEdit

Human: Being the only race available within the first instance of The World, there are really no benefits to then at this point of the timeline.

  • Humans in The World R:2.
  • The three types of Beasts in The World R:2.

The World R:2 RacesEdit

Human: Humans are the clean slates when it comes to their stats in R:2, although they are stated to have the most affinity with the technology that exits in that version of The World.

Ya Tribe Beasts: Hulking creatures that wield high strength and defense stats, but are absolutely rubish when it comes to using magic.

Lei Tribe Beasts: Creatures the same size as humans, they are the most quick of any race with the highest agility and speed, but their defense leaves much to be desired.

Tu Tribe Beasts: The smallest creatures that somebody can choose to play as, they are the most powerful race in the game when it comes to magic, although their physical attributes are all but nonexistant.

Root TownsEdit

The World works on a hub system, wherein the Root Towns are the places that serve as the aforementioned hubs. They are where items are bought, guilds are located, and people interact with one another more often than not. For the most part, every other area in the game is filled with monsters, barring a few rare areas.

The World R:1 Root TownsEdit

Mac Anu: The Root Town for Delta Server. A city of canals. All new players start here.

Dun Loireag: The Root Town for Theta Server. A settlement on the peaks of stony hills.

Carmina Gadelica: The Root Town for Lambda Server. A bustling city at night.

Fort Ouph: The Root Town for Sigma Server. A floating fortress city in the clouds.

Lia Fail: The Root Town for Omega Server. A shrine city. Never seen in the games, where it is replaced by a mirror server of Net Slum.

Naval Monte: Open for only one summer during the Golden Age of The World. Visited by Shugo and Rena. The server name, if any, is unknown.

Net Slum: A secret place for junk data, failed AI, and hackers to congregate. A city made of garbage, ruled by the hacker Helba. Only those who have a Helba Key can access the Net Slum.

The World R:2 Root TownsEdit

Mac Anu: The Root Town for Delta Server. It remains a city of canals, but the city is now steampunk and bathed in an eternal sunset. All new players start here. 

Dol Dona: The Root Town for Theta Server. Created when Fort Ouph fell from the sky on top of Dun Loireag, destroying both (in The World R:2's backstory). A settlement at the base of stony hills with overgrown wreckage from Fort Ouph everywhere.

Lumina Cloth: The Root Town for Omega Server. A shining city at night, it houses the Arena. Unlike the other servers, there are no fields or dungeons on this server.

Breg Epona: The Root Town for Sigma Server. A flying steampunk city. 

Net Slum Tartarga: A traveling city on the back of a flying turtle named Tartarga. Home of failed AI, hackers, and other strange individuals. It is unknown if Helba still rules here.

Notable VariantsEdit

Like all loops, The World has a few things that tend to happen quite often, which is only amplified by all the official alternate universe stories that exist within the Hub.


The setting of the .hack//XXXX manga, in which Cubia takes the form of a player character, Aura normally becomes much more involved than she was in the baseline, and Morganna gets involved with the final battle a bit more blatantly than she normally does. While it can throw off some of the more inexperienced loopers, there is very little to worry about that wasn't in the baseline, except for perhaps Cubia.

.hack//Legend of the Twilight - AnimeEdit

Unlike the relatively peaceful baseline of this part of the timeline, four hackers have managed to recreate Data Bugs that are more than capable of putting people into a coma, with the help of an AI known as Morti. To make matters worse, Rena and Shugo have been separated due to their parents being divorced, which was not the case in the baseline.

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