Doctor Who
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Anchor The Doctor
Admin Zurvan
Special Attributes Time Travel

Space Travel Read Only Loops

Real World Information
Primary Author Bardic_Knowledge
Primary Compiler OathToOblivion
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The Doctor Who branch, known to some as the 'Whoniverse', is a Looping Universe in Yggdrasil where The Doctor resides. The Admin of this Loop is Zurvan, and its Anchor is, of course, The Doctor.


The Doctor Who verse was originally declared a Read Only Universe due to the unstable nature of its time travel and its potential effect on overall stability. As a result, there were no loopers from this universe, however loops in this world were still possible, with several crossover loops having occured involving the MLP Loopers and other loopers.

However, that all changed when Zurvan ran an experiment. Using an upgrade to the Ourbourous Patch named after Jormundgandr, he was able to finally get the Whoniverse Looping, with the Doctor serving as its Anchor. Since then, it has become a Normal Loop, albeit with a few extra stipulations.

Special MechanicsEdit

As the Whoniverse is still a temporal minefield, a few certain stipulations were added when the Patch was.

  • Time Lord technology, especially the ones that work off Artron Energy, like the TARDIS, cannot run outside the Whoniverse. This is a combination of Jormangandr's upgrade to the Ouroboros Patch and the technical requirements.
  • Vortex Manipulators, which don't use Artron Energy, are still completely Read-Only

Baseline LoopEdit

While the Doctor's initial run was through his entire life, a typical Loop in the Whoniverse lasts as long as his current Regeneration Cycle. If he Loops in as either the First through Eleventh Doctors, then his Loop lasts up until the Eleventh's Regeneration on Trenzalore. If he Loops in as the Twelfth or later, then the Loop lasts until his second cycle is over.

Loop AwarenessEdit

Despite the lack of loopers during its Read Only time, this universe was not completely ignorant. The Time Lords, such as The Doctor and The Master are Loop Aware entities who can and have interacted with Loopers as a result. However, other hyper advanced races in this universe, such as the Daleks, are not loop aware.

After it started Looping, a lot of the Loop Awareness of the Time Lords has been neutered thanks to the Patch. However, given enough incentive and evidence, they can still find out that the Universe is caught in a Time Loop. Unfortunately, the six-fold Guardian of Time could not be kept Unaware, so the struggle between the Black and White Guardians is even more precarious than it was in baseline.

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