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Winx Club is the universe in which the Italian animated television series of the same name takes place. It primarily consists of Earth, the Magical Dimension in which the planet Magix is located, and some other dimensions. Magix is home to the Alfea College for Fairies, a girls' boarding school for fairies.


  • Flora Victoria: Anchor for the Winx Club universe, Fairy of Nature and later the wife of Techna. She is also the adopted sister of fellow Looper Seras Victoria of the Hellsing universe and has positive relationships with the Looping Dante Sparda (of Devil May Cry) and Commander Shepard (of Mass Effect).
  • Techna: Fairy of Technology and later the wife of Flora. She also has a student relationship with Tommy Oliver, Anchor of the Power Rangers universe.
  • Musa: Fairy of Music.
  • Bloom: Fairy of the Dragon Flame.
  • Stella: Princess of Solaria and Fairy of the Shining Sun.
  • Aisha: Fairy of the Waves.
  • Timmy: A Specialist from the Red Fountain school. A friend of the girls, he had a crush on Techna, but gave it up after learning and, ultimately accepting, her relationship with Flora.
  • Icy: Oldest of the Trix, a witch with powers based on ice, snow, sleet and frost.
  • Darcy: Second oldest of the Trix, a witch with powers based on shadows and darkness.
  • Stormy: Youngest of the Trix, a witch with powers based on controlling the weather, such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning blasts.
  • Roxy: Fairy of Animals and the last fairy on planet Earth. She is also the daughter of Morgana, the Queen of Earth's terrestrial fairies, and rightful heir to the Earth fairy throne of Tir Nan Og. In baseline, she was an honorary member of the Winx, but since she started Looping, has been made an official member.
  • Brandon
  • Diaspro Isis: Fairy of Gemlight. She spent a long while in a sanatorium since her 52nd Loop when she killed Bloom, and was marked in the MLE Watch List for that. Since The 'Enlightenment Loop' (101) when she got to know the Winx Club, she's trying to get over Sky.
  • Sky
  • Nabu
  • Daphne

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