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Anchor Yugi Muto/Atem (Original)

Jaden Yuki (GX) Yusei Fudo (5D's) Yuma Tsukumo and Astral (ZeXal) Yuya Sakaki (Arc V/)

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Special Attributes The Duel Monsters Card Game
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Primary Compiler Leonite
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The Yu-Gi-Oh loops are a series of 4 (soon to be 5) branches of Yddrasil home to a series of stories about duelists, or people who use the powers of a card game to protect the world from evil. 


All the branches of this section are heavily dependant on a card game known as Duel Monsters, a card game that involves the battling of monsters, aided by spells or traps, against an opponent. Normally this is done with the use of holograms, though each loop will inevitably end up at a point where the game is real and physical damage to the duelist, and the area around them, is inevitable. 

Bonded Duel Spirits, such as the Neo-Spacians and Wynn the Wind Charmer, are Looping Artifacts bound to their partners. 


The First BranchEdit

The earliest era known to the loops, this branch is anchored by Yugi Muto and his partner Atem. This is at the start of the game, where their are only Normal, Effect, Ritual and Fusion type monsters, and the games are mostly focused on Normal and Effect monsters (with Effect monsters becoming more prevelant over time). The story here generally involves the Duelist Kingdom and Battle City tournaments, in addition to an adventure through the lost memories of Atem at the end. Common but not always there arcs involving Dungeon Dice Monsters, a Virtual World, the DOMA organization, Capsule Monsters and the KC Grand Prix. 

The Second Branch/GX BranchEdit

The second era known and the one with the most connection to the previous branch, the GX branch is anchored by Jaden Yuki. Generally taking place at Duel Academy (Though also taking place in various duel monster spirit realms), the game at this point is mostly dominated by Fusion Monsters, though normal and effect monsters are still quite present. Ritual monsters are very rare at this point. This is the point where Duel Spirits, or the living versions of Duel Monster Cards, a previously seen element in the first branch, become prominent. The baseline is based around several opposing groups and forces, among them the Shadow Riders, the Society of Light, Professor Viper, Yubel and Nightshroud. A common variant is based around a conflict with the ancient spirit Tragodeia. 

The Third Branch/5D's BranchEdit

The third era known, which is anchored by Yusei Fudo. At this point, the game becomes dominated by a new type of monster known as Synchro Monsters, and much of the game becomes played on motorcycles as part of 'Turbo Duels'. Surprisingly more awesome than it sounds. Fusion Monsters are rare, few normal monsters are seen and Ritual Monsters only occur in one variant loop, and only a single one at that. The heroes of this verse are known as 'Signers', who bare the marks of the Crimson Dragon. This branch is the least pleasant, due to very dark themes of the verse overall, particularly the povery of the first branch's Satellite District, where most of the local loopers start from. The baseline generally opposes the Dark Signers and Yilliaster's three pure nobles via the Fortune Cup and World Riding Grand Prix arcs. A common variant is based around the Duel Dragon cards. 

The Fourth Branch/Zexal BranchEdit

The fourth era known era, which is anchored by Yuma Tsukumo along with Astral. At this point, the game is now dominated by XYZ monsters, a new type not previously seen. By contrast, all monsters other than effect monsters are rarely seen. The overall plot of this loop is the most uniform since the previous two branches, where the plot is the collection of the 100 Number Cards, which are pieces of Astral's memories given form as XYZ monsters. The loop also has conflict with the Barian Emporers towards its end. 

The Fifth Branch/ Arc V BranchEdit

A recently discovered branch that is in the process of being set up to loop, the exact plot of this branch is unknown, though it is anchored by a boy named Yuya Sakaki. A new monster type, Pendulum Monsters, have recently appeared in this branch, though only two duelists have yet to be seen using them. By contrast, evidence of all other monster types has been noticed, contrasting to their diminished roles in the previous loops. Duels here are primarly boosted by recent enhancements to hologram technology for allowing phyiscal interaction, so called 'Action Duels'. 

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