Celes Chere
Universe Final Fantasy VI
Status Looper
Special Abilities Combat
A Looper from the world known as either the Esper world or the Warring Triad world.

Appearance Edit

She has long blonde hair and piercing icy blue eyes. She will be wearing a yellow vest and purple shirt or a green tunic and cape.

History Edit

Her first Loop was a fused Loop with Pokemon. Professor Oak gave her and Terra the 'Welcome to the Multiverse' speech. She later ended up giving that same speech to both Zidane and Firion.

Abilities Edit

  • Magic: She specializes in ice magic, but has a good understanding of a variety of Final Fantasy style elemental magic and healing magic.
  • Runic Blade: negates magical attacks
  • Zoom spell: teleportion spell that can only be used outside.

Relationships Edit

  • Terra Branford: Is good friends with her
  • Firion: was his twin sister for one loop and gave him the 'Welcome to the Multiverse' speech.
  • Zidane Tribal: also gave him the 'Welcome to the Multiverse' speech
  • Maduin: Truthfully she feels a bit awkward around him, but she will deny that if asked.

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