Commander Shepard
Universe Mass Effect
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Biotic


Commander Shepard is the Anchor of the Mass Effect Loops. The first human Spectre, Shepard leads the fight against the dangerous forces of the Reapers as they attempt to destroy all organic life in their galaxy.


Due to an unusual error with Shepard's universe, their physical appearance is near-constantly in flux, changing from Loop to Loop. Shepard themselves is a force to be reckoned with. In their baseline (if such a thing applies to Shepard), they have a tendency to bring together disparate individuals from multiple species and backgrounds, and bring them together as one.


Shepard was the first human Spectre, in a time when mankind was a new arrival in the galactic community. Facing opposition from multiple parties, Shepard was one of the first to learn about the threat of the Reapers, strange and hostile cybernetic beings from before recorded history. Shepard was also their foremost opponents, alarming the Reapers to such an extent that they killed Shepard. This was not enough to forestall them, and eventually Shepard managed to bring the galactic community together to fight the Reapers, though the cost came at the cost of Shepard's life.

Of course, as a Looper, Shepard has proven much harder to kill. It didn't stop the Reapers from trying, though.

Their shifting gender and appearance wore on Shepard through the Loops.


  • Biotic
  • Charisma: Even in their roughest Loops, Shepard is still capable of bringing the most unlikely of people to their side, as best demonstrated by the crew manifest of their ship, The Normandy.

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