DC Comics
In Universe Attributes
Anchor Nightwing_(DC)
Admin Morpheus
Special Attributes Home of emotional spectrum, Batman
Real World Information
Primary Author Scorntex

The DC Comics Loops are Loops focusing on the exploits of DC Comics' various heroes and occasional anti-heroes.


Common to DC's history, as it is with its sibling branch Marvel, is a prodigious amount of super-human beings, aliens (invasive or otherwise) and otherwise fantastical situations, frequently found in the Hub Loops as comic books. This ensures a wide variety in the type of abilities wielded by Loopers from or in this Loop.

The DC universe is also home to the Emotional Spectrum, a curious (and misnamed) feature, wherein if a being focuses on a specific drive hard enough, utilizing a piece of technology called a Power Ring, one can transform that drive into energy, which can be focused through the ring into a hard-light construct. The Emotional Spectrum is divided into nine different sections, each with their own unique abilities and drawbacks. Most common is the "central" emotion, Willpower.

The DCverse is also home to the infamous Batman.


Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, is the Anchor.

Many of this universes' prominent heroes are confirmed Loopers, including all the founding members of their premiere group, the Justice League of America, and the founder members of the Teen Titans.

Baseline LoopEdit

The DC universe is an oddity in the Multiverse, in that it has several Baselines, due to repeated reboots, each of which is seen as perfectly valid to the Loopers. These are usually distinguished by what the Hub Loops would distinguish as major eras of the universes' history (the Golden Age of Heroes, the Silver Age, the Post-Crisis era, the New Earth Era, and the New 52 Era).

Due to this unusual attribute, the DC universe contains coding considered vital to Yggdrasil's restoration.

Loop HistoryEdit

The DC Loops were one of the first Loops outside the Original Seven to be brought online, though for reasons unknown the Loop had difficulty intialising, similar to that of the chronologically later Mega Man Loops (though nowhere near as intense), which cost it it's first Anchor, Superman, followed by Wonder Woman. After that, a Fused Loop with the Marvel branch, which was having similar problems, allowed both universes to Loop, and they have continued onwards since.

By the time of the Crash, both universes were stabilized.

Major Events in these LoopsEdit

  • Activation

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