Daniel Arthur Chaill
Universe 39 Clues
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Photographic Memory

Dan Cahill (Daniel Arthur Cahill) is the Anchor of the 39 Clues Loops. He's the brother of Amy Cahill.

Description Edit

Dan is one of the newest Loopers around, despite annoying his other Loopers. He collects grave rubbings and other items such as baseball cards (even if it changes because of the subtle variants his universe sported for its Hub-like appearances) during his pastime.

History Edit

In baseline, Dan is shown to be annoying to his sister due to his slightly-childish nature. However, because of the Clue Hunt, he had learned "CIA skills" and is more alert than usual.

Abilities Edit

Photographic Memory – His photographic memory is useful in the Clue Hunt as well as memorizing important details like Twilight's "Welcome to Multiverse" pamphlet in 39 Clues Loops 1.7 and the 39 Clues themselves.

Wushu – Dan Cahill learned wushu during the Clue Hunt baseline in China where he got separated with Amy and found himself under temporary care of Jonah Wizard.

Subspace Pocket – After a Fused Loop with Portal, he acquired the basic abilities most Loopers have.

Ping – The second ability he acquired along with the Subspace Pocket.

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