Eiko Carol
Universe Final Fantasy IX
Status Looper
Special Abilities Summener

Appearance Edit

She has blue hair, green eyes and a little summoner's horn on her forehead. She wears a red shirt and yellow overalls. There is a big bow in her hair.

History Edit

She had the same first loop as Maduin. Right as she was about to cry because she found herself back at Madain Sari, Maduin appeared. They talked for a while and Maduin told her about having two sets of memories and about his daughter Terra. They were later able to find Zidane and get a full explanation of the Loops.

Abilities Edit

  • Magic: She has some understanding of a variety of Final Fantasy style elemental magic and healing magic.

Relationships Edit

  • Zidane Tribal: She remains good friends with Zidane
  • Maduin: She considers the fact that Maduin is willing to be a father figure for her to be one of the best parts of the loops.
  • Terra Branford: considers Terra to be her big sister.

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