Firion is the Anchor to the world imperiled by the Palamecian Empire

Universe Final Fantasy II
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Fighting, Magic

Appearance Edit

Firion has light brown skin, brown eyes, and white hair tied in a ponytail and covered by a blue, black, and orange bandanna. He wears white clothing, light blue shoulder pads and shin guards, a brown belt with a gold buckle and a red cape.

History Edit

Firion's first few Loops did not go well. They always started with him and his friends getting brutally beaten by Palamecian soldiers. His body was not in good enough shape to kill them and he had yet to learn any of the looper tricks with Chi that could fix that problem.

Abilities Edit

  • Magic: He has some understanding of a variety of Final Fantasy style elemental magic and healing magic
  • Zenithian Sword: Can wield this highly magical sword and can use Disruptive Wave.
  • Subspace Pocket: Like most Loopers, he has the ability to store items within his soul and carry them between Loops.

Relationships Edit

Celes Chere: He has had a Loop where she was his twin sister. She is also the one who gave him the Welcome to the "Welcome to the Multiverse" speech.

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