Flora Victoria
Universe Winx Club
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Fairy Magic

Superhuman strength Superhuman speed/reflexes Superhuman senses

Extra Notes Vampire (Hellsing)

Loop Gained AbilitiesEdit



Relationships with other LoopersEdit

  • Techna : She start a relationship with her when she was Genderfliped (Flynn). Techna Awoke next loop make things unconfortable for them but after many loops Techna when she just date Flynn. Techna start to date Flora when realize that she was selfish for choice based in exterior when she love the interior. Now they are married.
  • Seras Victoria : When they meeting Seras claim her as a sister for both been fledgling of Alucard. When Flora realize that she dont remember her last name Seras give her own.
  • Commander Shepard : Is her mentor and who explain the multiverse to her. He/She also teach her about guns. Shepard give her in her wedding as well.
  • Cordelia : Flora explain the Loops to her and they joke about be rivals for similarities between their groups