Ganondorf Ocarina
Universe Legend of Zelda
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Dark Magic


Due to being one of the three regular Triforce bearers in Hyrule, Ganondorf has achieved a status not dissimilar to being an Anchor, so it is fortunate that his antagonistic role has evolved into more of a rivalry with both Link and Zelda.


While Usagi has cured him from having to suffer with the Curse of Demise, Ganondorf is far from being a perfect picture of morality. He has no qualms with killing anybody who gets in the way of any of his goals, he has wished for things that have caused problems down the road at times he has gained access to the Trifore proper, and has even gone out of his way to teach other villains how to do their jobs better. Despite this, he has also gone along with plans that Link made for a karting Loop.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Swordsmanship: Some incarnations of Ganondorf are good enough at the blade to go up against Link on equal footing, and he has kept up with the skill enough that he and Link are able to go at it without worrying about the other losing their footing.
  • Trident Wielding: Most incarnations of him in his Ganon form make use of a trident, which is likely an ability that he has retained since, although his distaste towards his feral form has most likely left him rather inclined to not make use of it.
  • Dark Magic: A constant between both his Ganondorf and Ganon forms, he is able to shoot orbs of power at his enemies and create phantom versions of himself, and just about everything inbetween.
  • Triforce of Power: The full extents of the abilities he gains with this shard of the Triforce is unknown, but he is more powerful both physically and magically as a result, and has the ability to tell which of the other Triforce bearers are Awake in any given Loop.
  • Mane Styling: Due to his background in Equestrianism, and his respect for his warhorses, Ganondorf is an abnormally proficient mane stylist.
  • Subspace Pocket

Relationship With Other LoopersEdit

Link: In a departure from their baseline relationship, both Ganondorf and Link consider the other to be a rival moreso than an enemy, and they are both perfectly willing to work together should the events of a Loop get too unbearable.

Zelda: The two Loopers also have a much more cordial relationship with one another, although nowhere near the same level that Ganondorf has with Link.

Vaati: The two Loopers were both purified at the same time, and were seen in the Loop immediately after sharing a drink to their victory over the annoyance that they shared, meaning that the two of them get along well enough.

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