Universe My Little Pony
Status Looper
Special Abilities Okami Brush Techniques

Pokemon Moves

Gilda is an Equestrian looper.


Gilda is a griffon, with the head and talons of an eagle and the back portions of a lion.


An old friend of Rainbow Dash's, Gilda came to visit her in Ponyville, but treated the other residents poorly, acting rather possessive of Rainbow Dash. When her cruelty was exposed, she left town in a huff.

She later began Looping, which was discovered by Twilight Sparkle, and began to repair her relationship with Rainbow Dash.


  • Subspace Pocket: Standard Looper ability, letting her store objects within her soul to carry between Loops.
  • Element of Honesty: Specializing in Brutal Honesty, telling the truth and holding nothing back. Including about herself.
  • Okami magic: Gilda spent a Loop in Okami, where she gained the ability to generate ink and use it to perform various magical feats, usually for combat techniques. She also possesses Thunder Edge, the most powerful Divine Instrument (weapons used by the protagonists) from that universe.
  • Pokémon Moves: During a loop in the Pokémon anime universe as a Smeargle, Gilda used Smeargle's signature move Sketch to copy several moves, including Arceus' Judgement attack, complete with a full set of Plates to change its type. It's eventually revealed that she also Sketched Recover and Zekrom's Bolt Strike attack.
  • Alicorn-tier transformation: Through a combination of brutal honesty to overcome an attempted Mind Rape by the sorcerer Grogar and sheer expression of her inherited magics while battling he and his army of undead Arimaspi, Gilda pushed herself to and beyond the limits of what she was capable of, triggering her transformation into a Higher Griffon, altering her color scheme and providing her with a second self, a snake-tail named Grizelda.


  • Rainbow Dash: Originally Gilda's first and only friend, they had a falling-out due to Gilda's treatment of Rainbow Dash's Ponyville friends. Eventually, when she began Looping, the two were able to mend their relationship.
  • Trixie Lulamoon: Gilda met and befriended the Looping Trixie, and the two had quite a few adventures together while Gilda got used to Looping.

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