Universe Digimon Tamers
Status Co. Looper (Takato Matsuki)
Special Abilities Durability

Kinestetic Control Level Control/Mode Change Clairvoyance

Guilmon is a Rookie Digimon who was born, raised, and currently lives in West Shinjuku. He is Takato's Partner and Co-Looper.

Guilmon's appearance at the Rookie Stage is that of what looks to be a red dinosaur that would be the height of an adult if he stood straight up, however he often leans forward making him seem to be the height of a child.

Despite his Virus Attribute, Guilmon is not overtly violent or confrontational, though when he gets into a fight he finishes it. Guilmon is incredibly powerful, having Achieved and surpassed the Mega Level before he was a year old. He was also "designed" by his partner, Takato, to be "like Agumon, but better."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Superb Durability: In baseline, in most stats Guilmon was designed to be closer to a Champion level Digimon. Before he was a day old he withstood Renamon's Diamond Storm Attack without even blinking.
  • Kinestetic Control: Due to some issues with lowering his level in baseline and later practice, Guilmon is just as comfortable and mobile using his hands or his feet as the method of locomotion. He can maintain a "handstand" with only one hand for a significant length of time. He is also able to contort his claws in such a way as to be able to drive a car.
  • Level Control:Guilmon is able to regress his level at will.
  • Clairvoyance (Entropy)
  • "Hybrid" Mega Level
    • Mode Change
  • Jyarimon(Fresh Form)
  • Gigimon (In-Training Form)
  • Guilmon (Rookie Form)
  • Growlmon (Champion Form)
  • WarGrowlmon (Ultimate Form)
  • Megidramon (Mega Form)
  • Gallantmon (Biomerge with Takato)
  • Gallantmon Crimson Mode (Biomerge with Takato[Extra power])


  • Takato:Guilmon is Takato's Partner and Co-Looper though their personal dynamic (Child/Parent), (brothers), (close friends) varies from Loop to Loop.
  • Renamon: Guilmon and Renamon have dated before though the current status of their relationship is not known.

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