Hal Jordan
Universe DC Comics
Status Looping
Special Abilities Green Lantern Ring

Ace pilot

Hal Jordan is a Looper from the DC Comics Loops. Daredevil pilot Hal Jordan is frequently a Green Lantern, a member of an interstellar police corps, and a founding member of the Justice League of America.


Hal Jordan is typically a caucasian human male of typical build for his age, with short dark brown hair. His eyes have been known to change color to the same as that of the ring he wields. On occasion, the temples of Jordan's hair has turned white. This is typically a sign of encroaching possession by the entity known as Parrallax.

His Green Lantern uniform is typically a mixture of green, black and white, with green being the most prominent color visible. On his chest is the insignia of the Green Lantern Corps. His identity is kept hidden by a green mask, an oddity for the Corps, where most member's identities are public.


Exactly when and how Hal Jordan began Looping is unknown, and his travels outside his home Loop have been undocumented.


Green Lantern Ring: Via the Green Lantern Ring, Hal is capable of creating almost anything his mind can imagine, fuelled by his willpower. However, the ring has limitations, it cannot cure illness or revive the dead, and is frequently noted to be ineffective against any item colored yellow (though this is not universal). If pushed beyond operational limits, or overcharged, the ring will explode. Jordan has on occasion possessed rings from other aspects of the "Emotional Spectrum", each with their own traits.

Ace pilot: Hal is a greatly accomplished pilot in his home Loop, and has shown efficiancy with spacecraft as well.

Willpower: Jordan is one of the most determined individuals on his home planet, which already distinguishes itself on such things.


Human limitations: Accomplishments aside, Hal is still typicaly a regular human, with all the inherant weaknesses that implies.

Self-doubt: Jordan's will is capable of being undermined, on occasion, which his adversaries have used against him.

Arrogance: Jordan is typically thoughtless, even in mortal peril.

Stupidity: Likewise, Jordan has on many occassions displayed a near-total lack of intelligence.


Other Loopers: Jordan's relationship with most other Loopers is presently undocumented.

Batman: As in Baseline, Hal and Batman are frequently at odds, due to the clashing personality between the over-cautious tactician and Jordan's typical recklessness.

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