Zoe Hange/Hanje
Hange Zoe 1
Universe Attack on Titan
Status Looper
Special Abilities Science Peak Human Physicality


Hanji, despite being overtly feminine in the picture you see to the right, is an androgynous person, with brown spiky hair, a large nose, and glasses over brown eyes. Hange is typically seen, both within and outside the Attack on Titan loops, wearing the uniform of the world's Survey Corp military branch.


Hanji, prior to the loops, was a scientist and soldier fascinated with the Titans that constantly attack Humanity. Hange spent whatever that was not spent fighting the Titans to research them, and their weaknesses and strengths. As such, Hanji was denoted as unique, in possessing what could broadly be considered the most complete knowledge of the Titans, outside of anyone who was actually in the know.

Inside the loops, Hange also gained two new distinctions. The first was one of poor luck: Hanji and Connie happened to be two of the three early loopers to have ended up awakening within the Baseline Attack on Titan story, rather than inside a fused loop. Furthermore, Hange is also denoted with another quite interesting quirk, in that the spelling of Hanji's (or rather, Hange's) name switches randomly between loops, fluctuating between the above stated names, similar to Hans/Hannes. More pertinently, Hanji is also affected by the same glitch that Commander Shepard and Darth Revan are afflicted with, in that Hange's gender changes randomly between loops as well. This affliction, along with Hanji's affinity for SCIENCE has landed Hange squarely on the Sakura Syndrome watchlist.


Scientific Knowledge: Hanji, though an accomplished soldier, is far more at home within the science lab, instead of the battlefield. Working alongside one of her Anchors, Eren Yeager, Hange was able to determine that the swords that are forged to cut Titan flesh are, more often than not, composed to specially hardened Titan skin. Hanji has also conducted numerous experiments in many attempts to determine the truth of the Titans.

Swordsmanship: As a soldier of Humanity, and a member of the Survey Corps, Hange is exceptionally proficient with using the Pairing Blades, and three dimensional maneuver gear that is necessary to engage the Titan's on equal footing. Hange later showed competence with a Lightsaber powered by a dwarf sun.

Darwinian Fabrication: Hanji's first fused loop was into an alternate history Britain where the ability to manipulate the so called Life Strands (also known as DNA) had taken hold within the empire, and subsequently Hange learned how to fabricate custom made species of animal and plant.


Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan): Hanji's minder. Zoe was incredibly happy to see him loop, even if he did attack the scientist.

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