Universe Attack on Titan
Status Looper
Special Abilities Soldier

Oration Magic

Mister Hans (Or Hannes, depending on the loop) is a soldier and one of the loopers inside the highly damaged Attack on Titan loop.


Hans is an adult, blonde man with a light mustache and a buzz cut, as you can see to the right.


Prior to the loops, Hans was a Garrison soldier stationed in the border town of Shiganshina, and a friend to the Anchors, Armin, Mikasa and Eren. In the year 885, when Shiganshina was attack by the colossal Titan, Hannes attempted to save Carla Yeager, Eren and Mikasa's mother, from an approaching Titan, the Smiling Titan. His fear, however, got the better of him, and Hans elected to grab Eren and Mikasa and flee with them, as per Carla's wishes. Guilt ridden, Hannes galvanized himself and later rose through the ranks of the Garrison soldiers, eventually becoming a captain. His baseline life was cut tragically short when, in the year 890, Hans was killed by the Smiling Titan.

Hannes' actual name was lost during the crash, and Yggdrasil alternates between Hans and Hannes, as evidenced by this page.

Hans was the first looper to awaken, and is subsequently the oldest normal looper amongst the Attack loopers. It is speculated that Hannes' personal connection to the three Anchors was what enabled him to loop first.


Swordsmanship: Though Hans is actually a Garrison soldier, he has spent many loops honing his swordsman skills and one loop as a duel swordsman in Theldesia, and is proficient with using two pairing blades against both Titans, and humans.

Oration Skills: Hannes is an expert orator, and was able to inspire the Shiganshina Garrison division to expertly and successfully prevent the breaching of Wall Rose on at least one occasion.

Strategic Skills: Hans was able to develop a strategy to successfully prevent the fall of Wall Rose, which focused on using cannon fire to seal the hole that the Armored Titan created when it breached the wall.

Magic: Has demonstrated some proficiency with magic, at least enough to use the sonorous spell and project his voice across the whole of Shiganshina.

Subspace Pocket: Like most loopers, Hannes can use a subspace pocket. It is noted to be large enough to store a SHIELD Helicarrier.


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