Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki
Universe Bleach
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Soul Reaper/Death God

Hollow Chakra

Ichigo Kurosaki is an orange-haired teenager who lives in Karakura Town. He seems to wear a perpetual scowl.

Ichigo is the Anchor of the Bleach Loops and a member of the Original Seven. His baseline powers revolve around the using spiritual energies for various Purposes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Spiritual Awareness: even before the Loops began Ichigo was able to see the spirits of the dead. He is also able to track someone by the quantity and quality of the Spiritual Energy they emit.
    • Soul Reaper/Death God
    • Hollow
    • Chakra


  • Other Loopers in general: As a member of the Original Seven, Ichigo has the respect of younger Loopers because of his power and experience.

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