Universe Legend of Spyro
Status Looper
Special Abilities Wielder of the element of Fire.
Ignitus is the Guardian of Fire and Chronicler of Spyro's era in the Legend of Spyro Loops. He is the fourth being from that place to begin Looping. He has a part-fatherly/part-mentor relationship with Legend. As he was the Leader of the Guardians he often feels that it is due to his failures that Legend has in many ways forgotten how to be a child.


  • Element of Fire: Ignitus is a Master of the Fire Element and is Legend's teacher in it's study.
  • Magic: Ignitus has been seen using techniques that seem to be magic, for example creating a blue force field to allow Spyro and Cynder to cross the Belt of Fire. He has also been seen manipulating a book with telekinesis at the end of Dawn of the Dragon. Though whether this truly is magic or something else entirely is not yet known.


  • Legend Spyro: Spyro is closest to Ignitus out of all the Guardians, seeing him as a mix of father and mentor. Ignitus seems to foster these feelings, out of genuine concern for Legend's well being.
  • Cynder: While it is not as open as with Legend Spyro, Ignitus is very protective of Cynder as well.
  • The Guardians: Ignitus is old friends with Terrador, Cyril, and Volteer. They are contemporaries as well as friends and technically leader and subordinates. When any of the group becomes too fed up with one another they retaliate with (rotten) fruit, less than light sparring, and lake dunkings to get their point across.
  • Classic Spyro: Ignitus currently does not believe in his existence as he has not yet met him, but is willing to entertain the idea whenever Legend mentions him.

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