Universe Persona
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Personae

Control over the form of the Velvet Room

The mysterious proprietor of the Velvet Room, Igor is the one who is in charge of making sure that those who have the ability to wield multiple Personae are able to create the ones that they require, and as such is the one viable Anchor candidate that actively participates in all parts of the timeline.


While his appearance may give the impression of him being a rather unsavory character, Igor is quite possibly one of the most polite supernatural entities that exists within his particular universe, although he remains cryptic about things most of the time because just giving the answers away is something that bores him. One of the things that his abilities don't let him know is whether or not he is a human or just an animated doll, and he therefore finds himself rather fond for those who have at some point gone through the same struggle that he has.


  • Personae: Although he has not shown the ability to do so within his baseline, Igor can most likely gain access to the Personae that the Wild Cards have collected whenever he happens to engage in a fight.
  • Velvet Room: The mysterious pocket dimension that he at least has control over in the baseline of his home universe, Igor is able to control the layout of the Velvet Room however he pleases, although some shenanigans in the past have shown that doing so is indeed able to crash the Loops if he tries to change it into something that is from a Read-Only branch.
  • Subspace Pocket: Ability to hold objects in a subspace pocket that travels through time loops.


Tatsuya Suou: Having been the first one to bring up the idea of having Philemon kicking Igor out of the Velvet Room after a few of his pranks too far, it stands to reason that Tatsuya is the one who keeps their Anchor grounded, which has possibly involved Igor being punched in the face once or twice.

Yu Narukami: Being much more sociable than his fellow Wild Card, it stands to reason that Yu is the more friendly of the two with their Anchor, although it should also be remembered that he was the one who brought about a Loop wherein Igor had the spend an entire year Social Linking.

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