Universe Yggdrasil
Status Admin
Special Abilities Admin things
One of the Admins charged with overseeing the World Tree Yggdrasil, Ihy is the god of both music and beer, although this does not stop him from having some level of empathy for the Loopers under his charge.


At least while within the Dragon Realms, Ihy appears as a brown dragon with a yellow underbelly, and three blue marks on his face - one on his forehead and the other two on the very edge of his cheeks. The strange thing about this appearance is that he lacks the so-called frills that most dragons in that setting have, instead having a head of black hair that curls up in the front.


Despite being an Admin, Ihy really has no larger skill set than many normal Loopers have, although he has had a lot more time to practice with them than the Loopers have.

  • Computer Skills: Despite it being a difficult thing to do, Ihy has shown himself to be able to create a massive crossover Variant Loop between the two branches of the Dragon Realms, which is a feat that thus far only Hephaestus has displayed the ability to do.


Legends Spyro: The Anchor spent a time being rather angry at his Admin over what he has to experience during his baseline, but has since calmed down due to the fact that he acknowledges that there is far too much red tape for Ihy to be able to do anything about the matter.

Legends Sparx: Having dealt with the dragonfly causing a racket for several hours on end during the time that he planned to simply be relaxing, it goes without saying that he is not terribly fond of the Looper.

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