Universe Shin Megami Tensei IV
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Gauntlet

Demonic Magic Green Lantern

The Anchor for the Mikado portion of the Amalaverse, Isabeau is a reserved woman, who usually thinks before she leaps (though this lack of conviction can lead to periods of inaction in which something goes terribly wrong).

Appearance Edit

Isabeau appears as an 18 year old Japanese woman with a Beatles-esque haircut, usually seen in the Samurai uniform of white underclothes, a blue coat, and her signature red scarf.

History Edit

Unlike many other Amala Loopers, Isabeau had a rather calm set of early Loops, owing to her Branch being the least damaged out of the main Amala Branches. Unlike nearly every other Amala Anchor, who were alone in their baselines until they dealt with the "flaw" of their universe, Isabeau was able to get her fellow Samurai Flynn to Loop relatively quickly, with their AI Burroughs shortly after. However, all of their attempts thus far to get others to Loop have been unsuccessful, most likely due to the fact that the most likely candidates (Jonathan and Walter) seem to keep getting themselves killed off each and every Loop, no matter what they do to stop them.

She is also a closet geek. After showing interest in manga in her Baseline, she has built up a sizable library of both Western comics and Eastern manga. She also became interested in computers and technology, as the medieval kingdom of Mikado she grew up in possessed little in the way of tech. This led to a bit of a "mad scientist" phase, where she experimented with dangerous materials such as the Delphinus Parasite from Langdon's Branch, and also helped Shulk and Squirtle program a device that would force anyone who heard it to dance uncontrollably.

Abilities Edit

Gauntlet: Like all Samurai, she has a Gauntlet: a metal glove with an LCD screen that allows her to summon, contract, fuse, and command demons. Although she cannot store demons within her Gauntlet between Loops, she retains the data of them in the Compendium, so can just summon these variants of the demons each Loop.

Demonic Magic: Due to the Demon Whisper function of her Demon Summoning Program, Isabeau can learn magical spells from the demons she commands, usually tending towards healing or wind spells.

Green Lantern: After overcoming her insecurities towards inaction, she earned a Green Lantern Ring in a Fused Loop with the DC Universe.

Personality Edit

Relationship with Other Loopers: Edit

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