Issei Hyoudou
Universe High School DxD
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Perversity, Boosted Gear, Dragon Power
Issei Hyoudou is the anchor of the High School DxD loops, a human who was revived as a devil following his death.

Description Edit

Issei is a brown haired high school student hailing from Japan. Oftentimes found with black devil wings or an arm transformed into a red Boosted Gear, his arm would later be complely covered by the red gauntlet, and his whole body could be transformed into a red armored form known as Juggernaught Drive.

History Edit

When Issei began looping is unknown, though he anchors his world. A pervert of the greatest sense of the world, he rivals the perversity of any looper, and would have fit right at home in the Innortal penned loops.

He has made an impression wherever he goes, having sparked a harsh rivalry with Tsukune Aono, made Anakin Skywalker fear his return to the planet Zeltros, among others. He would grow to greater levels of prominence after writing Of A Proper Build of A Harem King King (or Queen) in the Multiverse, a book so well written that Hermione Granger recognized it as one of the greatest looping written books ever made, finding its way into the parlors of such loopers as Astral and Lelouch vi Britannia. Known chapters include ones based on the Britannian Royal Family and of the Xenophilia MLP variant loop.

Abilities Edit

Boosted Gear: His basic baseline power, the Boosted Gear allows Issei to double the powers of himself multiple times. Once nearly useless due to his weak stature, this power has grown more formidable over time, particularly in the loops. He can even transfer these boosts to others.

Perversity: Easily one of the loops most perverted, even in baseline he figured out how to weaponize such aspects as Clothing Damage very quickly and to great effect. Yggdrasil knows what he's come up with since.

Writing Skills: The fact he was able to get Hermione Granger and a panel of the loops best academics to appreciate his writing skills to the point of being rewarded suggests at some point he gained great Language Arts talents.

Subspace Pocket: Like all loopers, Issei has a subspace pocket

Relationships. Edit

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