Jean Kirstein
Universe Attack on Titan
Status Looper
Special Abilities {{{abilities}}}


Jean is a tall man with brown hair and brown eyes, and has been stated to have a "horseface."


In the time prior to the loops, Jean was often head strong and cynical, and only wanted to join the military to become a Military Policemen, and get into Wall Sina. However, during the battle of Trost, Jean's close friend Marco Bodt lost his life and was partially devoured by a Titan. Marco's death shook Jean to the core, and led him to become more humble and humanistic, even setting aside his pride. Also notable is that Jean, for a long time, held a deep crush towards Mikasa Ackerman, and actively pined after her, which also fueled a deep seated resentment towards Eren, who had Mikasa's undying devotion.

During the loops, Jean has consistently been the stable center of the loopers, with his wit and intelligence winning over several foreign loopers. Furthermore, Jean's raw power, derived from his angelic powers (a hold-over from his first fused loop where he replaced Kaoru Nagisa) has enabled him to consistently be one of, if not the strongest looper outside of the Shiganshina trio. Most importantly, he is often the most empathetic member of the loopers, even if he doesn't show it.


Peak Human Conditioning: Jean's skill, both with swords and 3DMG, was sufficient to land him as sixth best amongst the 104th cadet corps, only beaten out by four titan shifters, and Mikasa. He has shown himself to be a capable fighter with his 3DMG, even on open terrain, a feat considered incredibly difficult.

AT-Field and Assorted Angelic Powers: Following his first fused loop, Jean retained the abilities of the Angel Tabris (more colloquially known as Kaoru Nagisa), which has primarily amounted to an AT-field, Flight, Astral Projection, and Laser Vision.

Telekinesis: A power retained from an early loop as Jean Grey (woman and all), Jean has shown little inclination to use it, relying on his more developed Angel abilities for combat.

Subspace Pocket: His pocket, as all other loopers, hold useful objects: including Bazookas, Shen-Gon-Wu, and a Celestial Bronze Sword.


Eren Yaeger: Jean and Eren's relationship is noted to be rather vitriolic, and to an extent, mutually antagonistic. The two do respect one another though, and do tolerate each other's company.

Mikasa Ackerman: During the baseline, Jean was romantically infatuated with Mikasa, due in part to her spectacular combative skills and her unique looks. After he started looping however, Mikasa informed him that they would never actually work out. He has since elected to remain a friend of hers.

Armin Arlert: Jean is most often seen in Armin's company, as they both consider each other good friends, and mostly sane men. Jean happily falls into the position of 'Muscle' to Armin's 'Brains'.

Sasha Blouse: Jean isn't as close to Sasha as, say, Connie,

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