Lex Luthor (DC)
Universe DC Comics
Status Looper
Special Abilities genius

determination powered armor wealth

Alexander "Lex" Luthor is a Looper from the DC Comics Loop. Traditionally the nemesis of Superman, the Looping Luthor is instead a benevolent figure, and Superman's ally.


Luthor is typically a tall Caucasian human male of above-average build for someone of his age. He is frequently bald, either from natural causes or childhood disasters, though were he not his hair would be bright red, with a tendency towards curling. His eyes are usually a dark green color.

In at least one variant, Luthor has been sighted with features typical of a Southern European.


In Superman's baseline, Lex Luthor was the de-facto ruler of the city of Metropolis before the Man of Steel's arrival, and took instant dislike of the man for his refusal to bend to Lex's will. The two eventually began clashing, Luthor using his public persona as a philanthropist and extreme wealth and cunning to escape justice time and again. In time, Luthor became one of Superman's most fearsome and personal foes.

In another variant universe, things were different. That universe's Luthor met Superman at an early age, and the two became friends, until one day, when Superman was tricked by the Joker into killing his wife, Lois Lane, and their unborn child, and Metropolis was destroyed by a nuclear bomb. These incidents pushed Superman into taking a more authoritative mindset towards humanity, quickly pushing into despotism. Luthor turned on his former friend, and in the end died trying to stop him.

Somehow, the event known as The Crash caused this version of Luthor to begin Looping. The immediate reaction of the DC Loopers, and Luthor himself, to this event is unknown.

Luthor's first known encounter with another Looper was with The Master, when he replaced the President of the United States of America in that Loop. Luthor quickly determined that The Master, in his disguise as Harold Saxon, was not who he claimed to be, and led the man into a trap, handing him over to UNIT custody. What became of Luthor after that is unknown.


Genius: In his home universe, there are few on Luthor's level of genius, with Batman being one of the few who comes close, if not surpasses him. An example of this genius was his being able to determine the identity of each of his home Loop's Justice League of America without their knowing.

Relations With Other LoopersEdit

Superman: Unlike the usual Lex Luthor encounter by most Loopers, this version and Superman are friends, though the exact nature of their interactions beyond that is unknown.

Other Loopers: Given the baseline Luthor's megalomaniacal tendencies, Lex faces an uphill struggle attempting to convince his fellow Loopers he lacks his counterpart's ill-will toward them.

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