Madoka Kaname
Madoka Admin
Universe Mitakihara (Former)

Yggdrasil (Current)

Status Admin
Special Abilities Magic arrows

Admin level powers

Extra Notes Former Anchor
Madoka Kaname is the former Anchor for the Mitakihara Branch. During her time as Anchor she Ascended, which resulted in her Branch being destroyed. She is now considered an Admin-in-Training.

She was initially charged with monitoring Travelling Loopers. Following the events of the Restoration, she also acts as the new Administrator for the restored Mitakihara Branch.


Madoka generally appears as a pink haired middle schooler, generally around 14 years of age. 


Madoka was the anchor of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica loops, though not for very long. When Baseline Madoka made her wish to become a concept and remove all witches, she unintentionally ascended, something the Original Seven had been warned never to do due to how it would lead to the destruction of their entire universe. 

During the Ascension process, Madoka was able to create a backup of her former Branch on her bow. However, as a result of her Ascension, the data for her Branch's former Loopers had been fragmented. While Madoka's bow still retained most of their data, some data from each of the Branch's Loopers (except Kyubey) had been scattered thoughout Yggdrasil. 

Madoka now is being trained in her new role by the Admins, while attempting to find any way to save the people of her world from oblivion. 


Admin Level Authority: Due to Madoka rarely appearing in the 4D plane, most of her abilties so far have been Admin Level. As an Admin, Madoka is able to alter reality on a semi-omnipotent level. 

The Law Of Cycles: Her divine title, Madoka's baseline final wish made her into this omnipotent being that cancelled out the creation of witches at a conceptual level, becoming the Goddess who watches over all Puella Magi. 


Homura Akemi: The only known other looper from her old world, Homura exists on Madoka's bow, with the remains of their reality. Madoka often visits her, as she is the last person she can talk to from their world. They are thus close, and are often seen together.

Kyubey: The MLE responsible for her ascending. Needless to say, the relationship between the two is rough at best. 

Admins in general: Many admins dislike Madoka for her unintentional world destruction. Hepheastus is one of the few who actually likes and believes in her, and generally acts as her mentor. 

Morpheus: Madoka has an odd friendship with the most serious of the admins. While Morpheus lords over the DC Loops and allows the events of Final Crisis to happen (Also allowing the Anti-Life Equation to exist and Darkseid to achieve it), Madoka seems to be the closest thing Morpheus has to a friend in the entire admin community. They often have tea together at times, talking about both their duties and what they represent.