Universe Final Fantasy VI and IX
Status Looper
Special Abilities magic

Maduin is a Summon Being. These beings are called Espers, Eidolon and Aeons in different Final Fantasy loops. The thing is that they have more than one incarnation. They loop between these different incarnations. Maduin's incarnations are in Final Fantasy VI and IX.

Appearance Edit

Maduin has a humanoid form with a muscular figure. His skin is a grayish-tangelo color and greenish-gray hair/fur. His eyes are moderate indigo. He also has clawed fingers and digitigrade legs with long talons on his toes. His hair is normally tied up in a ponytail, and tufts of fur the same color as his hair on his shoulders. He wears a dark vermilion loincloth with an amber sash.

History Edit

Maduin's first loop was in Final Fantasy IX. He started looping the same time as Eiko. They met up with Zidane at Conde Petie and he recognized Maduin and explained what was going on. Maduin was very glad to find out that his memories of his daughter, Terra, were real.

Abilities Edit

  • Magic: He has great understanding of a variety of Final Fantasy style elemental magic and healing magic and can pass the knowledge of how to use Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara.

Relationships Edit

  • Terra: The Loops have really helped him reconnect with his daughter.
  • Eiko: He considers her to be his second daughter.
  • Zidane: They are good friends

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