Marvel Universe
In Universe Attributes
Anchor Spider-Man
Admin Thor
Special Attributes N/A
Real World Information
Primary Author John Masaki

The Marvel Universe is a Looping Universe, focusing on the exploits of its heroes, vigilantes and the more-than-infrequent antihero.


The Marvel universe is home to a wide variety of super-heroes, genetic aberrations, time-travelers, mad-scientists and cosmic neer-do-wells, which makes for a wide variety of abilities in its Loopers. Its premier superheroes are known as the Avengers, proclaimed to be Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Certainly, they are it's most prolific.

Unlike its sibling Loop, the DC universe, the Marvel branch's heroes are generally not liked by the average citizen. Tolerated, on their better days, outright despised at the very worst, regardless of their best efforts. Their heroes also tend to operate on a lower-scale than DC's, less likely to face world-shattering threats, though they have been known to deal with those as well.

The Marvel Branch is home to the unusual mercurial figure Deadpool, a strange motormouth who seems utterly convinced he and everyone around him is fictional, as a result of aggravating a local in-Loop trickster god, Loki. Deadpool is not the only figure from his branch to believe this, but he is certainly the most prolific.


Aside from Spider-Man, there is his frequent wife, Mary-Jane Watson. Several Avengers, including many members of what is considered their "iconic" line-ups are Loopers, as are many of the para-military group the X-Men. The founding and principal members of the exploratory adventures the Fantastic Four are all Loopers. For unknown reasons, several members of the cosmic super-heroes known as the Guardians of the Galaxy are Loopers, though their interactions with the other heroes from their branch seem to be far and few between. Independently, there are also Rick Jones, a human with several connections to his branch's superhuman community, Squirrel Girl, a mutant with the ability to talk to, summon and control squirrels to devastating effect, Kamala Khan, a young girl granted powers in the aftermath of an alien invasion, and Nicholas Fury, head of the intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D., though Fury is a stealth Looper.

Loop HistoryEdit

One of the earliest Loops after the initial seven to be made Looping, the Marvel universe had trouble activating, something that gave it's admin Thor some difficulties. However, a fused Loop between it and the DC branch took place, which after some difficultly successfully got both universes Looping. The Marvel branch has continued onward since that day.

Major events in this LoopEdit

  • Activation

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