Ivory Scroll
Mayor Mare
Universe My Little Pony
Status Looper
Special Abilities Alicorn Transformation,

Bureaucracy Paper Jutsu

Mayor Mare, or Ivory Scroll, is an Equestrian looper and the mayor of Ponyville.


Ivory is usually a female Earth pony with a light brown coat and a dyed gray mane, which is naturally pink. Her cutie mark is a scroll.


Mayor Mare first began Looping for unknown reasons. At one point, she looped in as Konan, gaining Paper Jutsu. She ascended to alicornhood after using the power of red tape to prevent the Vogons from destroying Equestria. She had a Sisters loop soon after, and unlike most of the ponies who replaced Luna, she didn't go insane, instead retreating to the moon after ponies mocked her pink hair. As no one has yet discovered hair dye that works on alicorns, she has very rarely used her alicorn form after this.


  • Bureaucracy: Ivory Scroll is an expert at navigating throughout legal systems and drowning her opponents in paperwork.
  • Paper Jutsu: After a Naruto fused loop as Konan, Ivory has gained the ability to use Konan's style of jutsu.
  • Alicorn transformation: Ivory first gained the ability to become an Alicorn after she applied her masterful grasp of bureaucracy-fu to confound an attempt to destroy Equestria by the Vogons (villains from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy universe) while wearing a Cosmic Spectrum pendant. However, she rarely uses it because the grey hair dye she uses doesn't work on alicorns.
  • Element of Loyalty: Earned during the Glitched-Up Harmony Loop.


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