Universe Transformers (G1, RiD, Unicron Trilogy, Movie, Animated, Alligned families)
Status Looper
Special Abilities Enhanced Strength and endurance

Space Survival Transforms into gun Immortal (ish)

 Megatron is the founder and leader of the Decepticons and a looper in the Transformers Branch of Yggdrasil.


As a Transformer, Megatron's appearance generally changes in between various branches of Transformer history. The main consistancy is the purple mark of the Decepticons and the bodies left in his wake.


Unlike most loops, virtually all the Transformers and Human Partners are looping. This includes Megatron, who like many in the Transformers loops suffers from Dissassociate Loop Identity Disorder, though the near-uniform menace and bloodlust of the Megatrons causes Megatron to be less affected by it than most. 

Having battled, been at peace and trick or treated a few times, Megatron eventually decided to avert his impending softening from looping bordom by setting up a 'Ultimate Decepticon Loop', during which he set out to conquer a fused loop with the Star Wars, Star Trek, Dragon Ball, Marvel and DC universes. The exact result of that Loop is as of yet unknown.

At some point, Megatron awoke in a "steam punk" variant of himself, head of the "Inspecticon Detective Agency" which opposed the notorious felon Optimus Crime.

In one visit to the Equestria Branch, Megatron (in the form of a changeling) was betrayed in battle by Starscream yet again, only to sit back and watch when his treacherous underling re-encountered Rainbow Dash.


Baseline abilities: Due to his variant baselines, Megatron has a wide range of abilities based on what form he is in. Among them include a six changing form, a fusion cannon capable of blowing up the entirity of the Geonosian Arena, electrokinesis and a connection to Dark energon. 

Private Eye Training: During a Steampunk Loop, Megatron was the head of the 'Inspecticon Detective Agency', suggesting expertise in this area

Subspace Pocket: Megatron, like all loopers, possesses a Subspace Pocket


Decepticons: Even with the loops, most Decepticons still greatly respect Megatron and follow him through anything. 

Starscream: They still do not get along. Megatron has to punish Starscream regularly, at one point sealing him in a R-2 unit for the duration of the Ultimate Decepticon Loop. Megatron is also utterly unwilling to defend Starscream from attack. 

Autobots: Megatron's mortal enemies, despite the loops having the Decepticons generally loose their edge, the two groups still do not (usually) trust one another

Kor: Megatron fought a non looping Kor for leadership of the Klingon during the Ultimate Decepticon loop, and defeated him. Megatron none the less found respect for the valiant warrior